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Early termination of your tenancy contract?

For expatriates and companies who rent properties in Qatar, the most rising question is whether there is any legal point which exempts them from their obligation to pay the rent for the whole period in cases such as termination of their service or other unavoidable circumstances resulting in leaving The State of Qatar.

Qatar Rent Law No.2 of 1975, Article 31 states. The lessee(tenant) may cancel the contract before the expiry of its period if unexpected circumstances arise such as a change in the domicile (leaving Qatar) provided that the dates of notification for evacuation are observed, as stated under Article 24 of the Rent Law No. 2.

Article 24 Notice periods
If the lessee wishes to vacate the leased property, he/she shall notify the other party:

  • 15 days before for a three month contract
  • One month before for a period not exceeding six months
  • Two months before for a period exceeding six monthsUnless there is an agreement providing otherwise.

To avoid problems in the future, the lessee can include this clause in their contract highlighting this issue.The lessee must produce a letter from their company stating the termination of the lessee’s employment contract and stating the lessee will be leaving Qatar for good. In the case of business establishments, they have to produce the cancellation of their commercial license.


P.N. Baburajan 

Our property manager Baburajan has been living in Qatar since 1986. He is from Kerala, India. He can be of considerable help to clients as he speaks Hindi, English, Malayalam & Arabic as well as other Indian dialects.

Prior to Apollo, Babu worked for Qatar Armed forces as a Administration Staff. Shortly after joining Apollo the organization has recognized my potential and made me the Property Manager of the Company's Real Estate division and I still continue with the given responsibilities.

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